Construction – GFRG – WOOD

GFRG – A sustainable yet durable option for buildings! Low cost, reduced labour, reduced time to construct, increased sustainability & increased space.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is a growing alternative for conventional walling systgfrg5em. Also called Rapid Walls, these panels are made out of phosphor-gypsum, a by product from Phosphoric acid plants of Fertilizer units. Its rigid structure enables these panels to be used as an ideal alternative for bricks.

  1. Load bearing & lightweight
  2. These panels are 124 mm thick .so less built up area as compared to 240 mm thick bricks
  3. High resistance to natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, fire etc.
  4. Significant reduction in use of cement, sand, steel and water
  5. Reduced manpower requirement
  6. Highly affordable yet durable alternative
  7. Sustainable and ecofriendly
  8. No debris left after completion of project

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We have designed and successfully completed a GFRG house.

We have incorporated the best practices followed by of other GFRG constructions.

  1. It’s fully constructed with GFRG panels. Panels are made by FACT a GOVT of India Co.

  2. We did our 1st project in Tamil Nadu in Madurai. Its G+1 House fully made of GFRG.
  3. Its cost effective and enable us for a quicker finish.
  4. It took us 32 days from the first wall to 1st floor roofing.
  5. It require no plastering of walls, cement and sand is less in these type of construction.
  6. We can directly go for painting.
  7. The material is certified and approved by Building Material council of India.
  8. IIT Chennai finished a model house at Chennai using these panels.