05Jul 2016

Nature is beauty.

nowadays the term “Chemical free” or “Organic” is popular.

when we say no to chemical in our food production. there are few impacts which we should accept.

1st is productivity. productivity will go down to an unexpected level. its true. R we ready to accept this?

What is natural?

Natural means there is no external human made nutrients. we can use only naturally enriched food for the plants by which we can b sure of the qlty. of the yield. we use only natural feed in our concept garden. we always vote for natural feed. there is no organic or inorganic its just natural.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

09Jul 2016

Taken with Lumia Selfie

what is automated watering and how it helps us in gardening ?

when we are not able to water the plant regularly due to many reasons we may not get the desired output. just to avoid the manual excuses the automated watering system is used. if we started using it our plants are more happy.

When we want to have a systematic watering for the plants its better to go for automated watering. normally the water requirement is different for each plants. in our garden we use to keep many type of plants which requires different qty. of water. for such a need we can group the plants on the basis of water requirement and an automated system can take care of the qty of water throughout their life time.

Its not only helpful for watering we can use it for nutrients in the form of organic or inorganic.

Irrespective of the users excuses the plants will get perfect watering at the required time. since its automated the wastage of water is also minimized.

09Jul 2016

Watering chamber is helping us to enhance the watering system. it helps us to combine many input sources like water from tank , water from fish pond, water with PK Mix.(PK-Pancha Kavya)

Its fully handled with PLCs (Programme Logic Controls) and controlled through solenoid valves.

12Jul 2016

What is hydroponics ?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. its not only soilless but its only with water and water soluble nutrients.

normally we can grow many veg in hydroponics. we tried even cabbage through hydroponics. it was fine.

the feeding is very sensitive and extra care should be taken for feeding in hydroponics. because not only the water and nutrients but Oxygen is also important.

31Jul 2016


On my way these days i’ve met many Business people and Entrepreneurs. when we discuss they all have one common doubt about

the earning potential or return of investment in this gardening business.

Its very simple just like any other business this gardening also can be done in a profitable way. here we comes into the picture to help u in setting up of a commercial garden. Here we design the site or the garden in such a way that it gives a regular income to the investor. at the same time we need not tell you the demand for organic products in the market. As usual the initial cost will be there for the setting up. normally the 1st year the returns will be calculated for 7 to 9 months. 2nd and 3rd year the returns will be continuous say 9 to 11 months. compared to 1st year the next following years the investment will be very very less or sometimes nothing,

The ratio of returns will be different from each plants. one more thing if the investor is already interested in value adding to the product then the returns will be double or more. This kind of a garden always needed automation to avoid human errors which will affect the productivity.

for example we can come across many organic veg farms. but have u ever seen or heard about organic or natural cauliflower or cabbage farm? hardly possible. but in reality technology helps us to achieve such.